Huizhou City, the black mamba Sports Culture Co. Ltd was established in October 2006, has been set up to promote the sport of Muay Thai, has more than more than 10 years of experience in the Thailand Professor Muay Thai Instructor, training a group of skilled occupation fighters to participate in various domestic and international Muay Thai competition.

Whether you regarded as a Muay Thai martial arts, self-defense, aerobic exercise, decompression or stuff, aspiring to become a boxer, our training will meet your needs and help you achieve the goal, to provide the most comprehensive and systematic training for you.

The hall has for viewing the game hall, the aerobic and anaerobic training zone, nutrition bar, independent shower room and other facilities, is a well-equipped standardized Muay Thai training venues and fitness recreation center.

Choose the black mamba Muay Thai Pavilion grounds:

1. strong teachers

2. training methods of local characteristics of Thailand

3. holding and participating in various events and activities

4. perfect training facilities

5. comfortable training environment

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