"Belt and Road Initiative" need to pay attention to people connected"


Recently, the Ministry of Education released the news that the Chinese has with 46 countries and regions signed agreements, including Belt and Road Initiative along the country and China recognition degree has reached 24, and the year is expected to Chinese with Cyprus, South Africa and other countries to achieve mutual recognition of academic degrees. At the same time, country and regional focus on the organization of the Ministry of education carried out, issued a total of 141 research projects, 70 of which involved "The Belt and Road" along the 46 countries. In order to meet the The Belt and Road "construction, the Ministry of education has also implemented the" Silk Road "in 2016 to promote the plan, selection of 226 country regional research talent to 34 countries, nearly a thousand kinds of selected non language talents to study abroad. In line with the "The Belt and Road education" to "go out", China also actively carry out the "foreign China" brand, through the establishment of excellence scholarship programs, training young leaders and future leaders of developing countries, the establishment of the "Silk Road" Chinese government scholarship program, every year to provide additional countries along the total number of not less than 3000 scholarship freshmen places. The Belt and Road education not only relates to the national level, various provinces and cities are also actively involved in Chinese, nearly half of the provinces will soon join them. A series of initiatives undertaken by the Ministry of education, is actually with the "The Belt and Road" strategy implementation, as far as possible for the experts to train more China Belt and Road Initiative along the national, but also for many countries along the train more "China", which will help people communicate "into practice.

Since eighteen, Chinese diplomacy continues to forge ahead, continue to issue Chinese voice, be enthusiastic and press on, advocate China concept, put forward Chinese scheme, in a series of new initiatives, "The Belt and Road undoubtedly concern. "Belt and Road Initiative" is a great system engineering, involving policy communication, infrastructure Unicom, trade flow, capital circulation, the people connected to five major areas of economic, political and geopolitical influence very, culture, strategic capability is crucial for Chinese. In the five - way project, the first four items are mainly related to the level of the utensils, while the common people are mainly involved in interpersonal communication, the most complex and the slowest.

As the saying goes, the turn of the country lies in the people's relative, and the people's relatives come from the heart. "The Belt and Road along the country complex, pluralistic society, the" The Belt and Road undoubtedly has the effect can not be ignored. The Belt and Road along in the relationship between the state and the Chinese uneven in quality, some countries have Chinese threat". It is possible to implement the "The Belt and Road construction have a negative effect, the impact on the countries along the The Belt and Road" construction support and docking. Because of the interest differences, religious differences, cultural diversity and other reasons, some countries propose to "The Belt and Road" holding a skeptical attitude, there are problems with the government and the public trust deficit Chinese, which brings uncertainty for The Belt and Road strategic mobilization and strategic support, also increased The Belt and Road cooperation cost, is enough to that is important for the people connected The Belt and Road construction.

"Belt and Road Initiative" construction is not only the need of capital, technology, resources and other material investment, also need emotional investment. In order to protect the The Belt and Road continued good development, the need to strengthen and Chinese along the national geographical emotion. Geopolitical emotion refers to the cognitive attitude in different regions, similar to the geo civilization. But relative to the geo civilization, it is also affected by factors such as politics, religion, economy and so on, thus forming an emotional general attitude. The Belt and Road China of countries along the emotional one, there is obvious difference of geopolitical emotion, affect the neighboring countries of China identity, a sense of intimacy. "The Belt and Road" will be "people connected" as an important goal, inherit and carry forward the Silk Road spirit of friendly cooperation, can carry out cultural exchanges, academic exchanges, personnel exchanges and cooperation, media cooperation, youth and women's Association, volunteer service, lay a solid foundation of public opinion to deepen bilateral and multilateral cooperation, which is very is conducive to narrow geographical emotion, enhanced China of neighboring countries to appeal, affinity and cohesion, strengthen regional emotion cultivation, become a "strong adhesive The Belt and Road".

"The heart of the people" needs patience, and it often takes a long time to achieve the effect of fine and silent. In order to promote the people connected, tourism and cultural activities is the most fast food culture, just superficial feelings, and education and personnel training in order to achieve a deep understanding of long-term planning. China Ministry of Education launched these initiatives conducive to the cultivation of China and Belt and Road Initiative countries along the down to earth experts, can also be Belt and Road Initiative connected the people do, do, do deep penetration. The Belt and Road is a hitherto unknown system engineering, is also connected "Chinese dream" and "dream world" is an important starting point, helps to strengthen the common destiny of mankind's shared interest and emotional basis. For The Belt and Road construction, interoperability is the core, the people connected is the key. In order to promote the people connected, personnel training is the key, so The Belt and Road not only have the project cooperation, also have the talent project cooperation. Is the so-called takes a hundred years, the personnel training and passing the torch, China along the country "The Belt and Road" cooperation will be life and growth in nature.

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