"Cross the road God"


In April 19, 2017, Wuhan Silver Lake Avenue in a traffic light intersection, two rows of six crossing gate installation has been enabled in connecting with the surrounding fence, will be used to prevent the "Chinese crossing the street". The gate is automatically controlled by the system, when the red light is on, the gate closes automatically; and when the green light, automatically open the gate. Besides, there is a large screen and two cameras behind the gate. If pedestrians rush through the red light, they will be snapped and displayed on the screen synchronously. (April 20th China Youth Network)

With the gate treatment of pedestrian red light, when the red light, the gate closes automatically, prohibit pedestrians, when the lights turn green, the gate is opened automatically, than manual guidance to scientific, human, the effect is also good. No wonder friends called "crossing artifact", "crossing the street in China". However, this "crossing the road artifact" is not effective in treating symptoms. It can successfully prevent pedestrians from rushing through the red light, but it will not necessarily improve the quality of citizens, help citizens build awareness of civilized crossing the street and form the habit of crossing the street civilizations.

First of all, the people cross the street does not break the red light, the need to revere traffic law, consciously abide by the traffic order. However, the "cross artifact" did not publicize traffic regulations to the public, but to the machine when the public's "live way", the people are forced to stop and wait for the red gate opens automatically to the public to establish the traffic rules awareness of the positive publicity and guidance, can even say no, some people go to no "the artifact of the intersection, or will" relapse ", in other words, if the intersection is not installed" crossing artifact ", you can not stop people running red lights.

Second, people crossing the street do not break the red light, it is necessary to fear the fear of life. The problem of "crossing the road in China" has a long history, and it is very difficult to govern. One of the most important reasons is that the citizens do not cherish their lives. They always think that the passing vehicles do not dare to bump, so they carry the red light with a fluke. Some netizens said: "hair piece China cross, is lobbied for a handful of people can go, nothing to do with traffic lights." Data show that 53% of the fatal traffic accidents are caused by pedestrians and non motor vehicles crossing the street by red light. In the face of painful figures, you can't just regret the life of others, not cherish their lives, and ignore traffic lights when crossing the street.

Though life is not an empty talk, but need to be implemented in the specific operation, to develop the habit of traffic order, establish a civilized road awareness, not to take his own life a joke, do not ignore the lives of others -- the pedestrian red light, sometimes leading to the people in the car were killed, sometimes causing the vehicle out of control, then into the crowd, and even killed others injured, this not only harm themselves and harm others red light behavior is very harmful, not just a few minutes later crossing it, what is more important than life?

"Crossing the street artifact" to control "Chinese style crossing the road" is also a necessity. But when we are going to take a shortcut, we must think about the long-term strategy.

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