"Internet plus" don’t just play the game of capital


For some time, the platform of the network is easy to get out. In April 17th, the founder of Zhou airlines to respond to this, and bombardment of the misappropriation of easy to 1 billion 300 million funds, then the two sides fell into "rip up". After a series of events, the financial and operational difficulties encountered by Internet companies are present in the eyes of the world.

The easy situation is a typical "sequelae of money burning". Capital in this game, the logic is simple and crude money wins. Data released in July last year showed that over November 2015, during the 227 days of "100% charging and returning" activities, over 6 million 530 thousand people participated, and the total recharge amount was over 6 billion yuan. Then with the competition, such as China, are behind the two drops, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet giants caitaiqicu. It is not surprising that it is easy to break down the chain of money, which is easy to break into the chain of money.

The "money burning war" is a non return way, and it will lead to a direct cause of "more loss". In the nascent Internet companies, capital strength is often weak, wantonly burn like poison. For users, it may be sweet at the initial stage of the subsidy competition, but as soon as the burning business is unsustainable, there are too many precedents for the run. What is more serious is that if all Internet companies, in innovation and entrepreneurship is burn promotion this way, no one in the "on" and "industrial" efforts, "the farmer and the snake" damage it will continue to unfold. This type of "de reality to the virtual", dispels the core of innovation and entrepreneurship, so that the place that should be full of hope become everywhere in the bubble.

"Internet plus" innovation cannot become simple and crude, opportunistic capital game, user centric, simply return quality value-added services, value-added, is a long-term strategy. In fact, enterprises should rely on a par or burn, after all too similar products, only through the "benefits" to retain users. I do not know, to capture the heart of the user, the most fundamental is to make the product unique and irreplaceable. It is true that in the open Internet environment, it is possible that a good product has just come online, and there are many people of the same kind in the second day. But it is more so, entrepreneurs need to establish long-term ambition, with long power, put on their own areas impetuous, intensive and meticulous farming.

It is never easy business. Look back on those old names, and win with long-term service. More than 300 years of wind and rain, Tongrentang served as successor to always adhere to the "old concocts although numerous will not labor, although the taste will not cut material, and eventually became a" people in the heart of a gilded signboard". This position, burn wars not to change, can not buy gold silver cup. This kind of hard work for a few hundred years is worth every entrepreneur to learn.

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