China’s homemade aircraft carrier is going to be launched, and China is a step forward


Chinese's first full sense of the domestic carrier 001A to be launched recently the news spread throughout the Internet, has a very positive assessment and onlookers. The waterflooding of the 001A carrier's dock yesterday indicates that the important moment is really near.

The aircraft carrier 001A marks the completion of Chinese has become the world's few independent carriers' countries, because the Chinese blue water navy in the rapid development process, in the near future Chinese has a number of aircraft carrier formation is to be expected, China building a strong navy really opened the curtain.

The aircraft carrier is a strategic asset very expensive, an aircraft carrier battle group firepower and cost, make medium armies to catch up. The aircraft carrier is the front platform of the military deterrent power of a big country, and it is also the most active strategic tool. The construction of a powerful aircraft carrier formation is a comprehensive test of the technical and financial capacity of the great powers, as well as the will of the country.

China's aircraft carrier construction started late, because we have no place to buy a complete carrier, we have an aircraft carrier even in the back of India, Brazil, Thailand. But the ship from Liaoning to 001A, Chinese solid footsteps pounding, paving the way for the achievement of China comprehensive strength is the carrier field spewing out.

However, we need to see that there is still a big gap between China and the world's largest carrier country. The number of tonnages and carrier aircraft of our domestic carriers is far lower than that of the US carriers, which is about half or even lower than that of the US. The nuclear power technology and ejection technology of the US aircraft carrier have not yet been used to China's aircraft carrier. If China wants to have the strength of the aircraft carrier similar to that of the US Navy, it will take decades. This is probably a real gap between China's national defense strength and the strength of the country as a whole with the United States.

However, the gap between China and the United States is not the coordinate of China's arms race, but a sign that China should keep a calm assessment of its development achievements. There is a lot of things to do in China, and we need a century to get into the ranks of the developed countries, and now it's just about half the way.

It is necessary for the whole society to have a long view, a good co-ordination, and a good deal with the relationship between the current interests and the long-term interests. It should be said that China has done a good job in this regard. The aircraft carrier was not only built on one ship, but also supported by the public, and the initiative and general consciousness of the Chinese society as a whole is especially valuable.

China has constantly increased its strategic assets, and its national defense strength is changing with each passing day. But China has not been involved in war for many years. It is also a good situation. It is hoped that the result of China's development of national defense is to help us stay away from the war. Our advanced weapons are placed there and exposed in the exercise, which is enough to dispel the impulse of external forces to provoke China's military provocation.

Be a big country with high speed and balanced development. This is China's only choice. In recent years, China's development has hardly left any blank. With the development of economy, the accumulation of achievements has been gradually revealed. Compared with most of the old and emerging countries, China is more powerful and more competitive in the country.

It is very important for China to put the country's strategic goals a little lower than the goals that can be supported by the strength of the country. There is no absolute introvertion and low profile, but we don't do things reluctantly, so that our strategic capabilities are relatively better than our goals. This is the wisdom of the East and the important principle of peaceful rise.

The 001A aircraft carrier is not the most advanced in the world, and its real value is that it is an important part of a strong realistic trend. This trend can also become an element of China's comprehensive strength. The key is that we need to make good use of it and let it bring more respect and reverence to China than to bring more trouble.

001A must be another milestone in China's national defense construction. There are still a lot of problems to be solved in front of it, but it is exciting.

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