No student for takeout, colleges and universities should be less organized thinking


"If the apartment is found to order meals, the classmate will give the dormitory room 3 days off, if there is a classmate to report the ordering meal, the meal service situation, gives 500 yuan reward. At the same time, the notice also indicates that the school will never disclose the information of the whistleblower. Recently, a notice from the Dalian Institute of Finance and economics, located in the Jinzhou New District, Dalian, led to a number of students' emplacement. (Dalian evening news, April 20th)

With the "Internet plus" era, network ordering has become a way of life. As the youngest and most dynamic student group, in the face of such new things, it must be a faithful experiencer and supporter. However, in recent years, the school seems to have great enthusiasm for "prohibiting students to sell out". In addition to the Dalian Institute of Finance and economics, Guangzhou modern information technology college and Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine have issued similar "prohibitions". Every time a similar "ban" after the introduction, students are also in an uproar, outside a controversy.

Schools take out there are one thousand reasons, but they choose to ban order takeout for the same, is nothing more than the elimination of food safety, traffic safety "and" maintenance of campus order and stability "and" protect the students diet safety and personal and property safety, etc.. The reason for this Dalian finance and Economics Institute is also similar. The school is because the student orders the takeaway to cause the trash to be many, is unable to tidy up, moreover the student dormitory's toilet is stinky, therefore only then promulgated this stipulation. These reasons are basically the same, with the same foothold, that is, everything is for the students.

The problem is also coming, all for the students, so why do students don't buy it? As we all know, college students are basically adults, that is, people with full ability. For such a population, the school has to decentralization, such as the students' right to eat and the right to choose. Unfortunately, some colleges and universities take the action of prohibiting takeout, on the one hand, it is a kind of interference and restriction to students' freedom, on the other hand, they are also suspected of commercial monopoly, because that is equal to the exclusion of other competitors by administrative rights of schools. This analysis will not be difficult to confirm a point: the prohibition of takeout in Colleges and universities is completely untenable.

Moreover, from the actual situation of this school, the prohibition of takeout is not scientific. According to the students, the school is on the mountain, there is no business around the school, the channel of the students' ordering, the only school canteen and the business in the campus. At the same time, because many students, plus a short rest time (the school 11:40 in the morning, 12:50 p.m.), go to school business, it will take a lot of time to go to the cafeteria to queue, so the most reasonable choice for students is ordering meals. In that case, what's wrong with a student's reservation? As for the garbage is not good to clean up, that is also a school management problem, how can students take medicine?

No student takeout, colleges and universities should be less organized thinking. It can be said, "Internet plus" era, it basically means that the University's "invisible wall" was pulled down, but the management thinking, still do not seem to keep up with the pace of development. The prohibition of takeout for college students is also a squeeze on the rights of students. What's more, even if the school feels that it is not reasonable, we should ban the takeout, and there should be a link to the public opinion. College students are no longer children, they do not need "overt custody", or should give them the minimum freedom and choice.

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