Submersible rules challenge new rules and market regulation test government wisdom


Hefei is one of the cities with rising housing prices. In order to curb the rapid rise of housing prices, the local government has asked for new commercial housing, and the first record price must be marked clearly. It is not allowed to increase in 6 months, and the rate of additional reporting should not exceed 1%. Xinhua viewpoint reporter survey found that in Hefei, a number of projects in the sales process, there is a called "the first fee" hidden costs, the property buyers in the contract price in addition to pay a fee to purchase these properties from. (Xinhua net, April 20th)

This is the unspoken rule advance secretly by an unknown path to the government market regulation policy challenges.

For the government, it is necessary to examine whether there is a loophole in the regulation and control policy. Since the masses are willing to pay an extra fee to buy a house, it is not enough to meet the needs of the citizens from the housing, or are the citizens buying the house speculating in the house? Is it the government's regulation policy that makes developers unable to obtain reasonable profits, or does the developer have deliberate disks to gain high profits? These all need the government through investigation and analysis, find the corresponding data, and then because of the policy, classified treatment. Otherwise, this submersible rule faces various risks.

A number of developers through the intermediary fees, do not accept bank transfer, not a receipt, not shown in the contract. The intermediary, in addition to make the corresponding proportion of hard costs, once the accident, the intermediary that the government is facing punishment; for developers, belongs to the tax evasion behavior, suspected crime; to buy people, hidden a huge risk, buyers will find it difficult to obtain effective evidence, rights difficult. Even if the buyers get the evidence, if the purchase transaction, buyers activist filed a lawsuit on "number fee", the court shall make a ruling, the number required to refund the fee ", at the same time, the purchase contract will be invalid, the purchase of housing to be returned to the developers. In the case of continuous rising house prices, the loss of buyers is even greater, so the willingness of buyers to maintain rights through judicial channels is very low.

In this regard, the price department believes that before the price department also received some number of charges "in the report, but belong to the individual behavior, and no relevant bills to prove, it is difficult to punishment; the real estate sector repeatedly received a number of fees" report, but each time unsubstantiated. It doesn't seem to be a reason. Since the media can also expose the matter through unannounced visits, then the price department and the housing department can get the evidence and unannounced visits, the implementation of punishment, at least as a deterrent effect.

"No fee" is multi market stakeholders to circumvent government regulation collusion, often a "innovation", immediately imitated around. If we don't plug the loopholes in time, the government's control measures are easy to be hung up, unable to achieve the desired effect, and also affect the credibility of the government, resulting in the rise of the more regulated housing prices.

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