Thai nationality in southwest area of the original China region, known as the "Southern barbarian". According to records, in 649 ad, Thai ancestry is still in China in Yunnan Province, the history of the Tang Dynasty called "six chao". Mongolia fine Nuluo unified six Chao, self-reliance is king, established in Nanzhao, later renamed "Dali". According to the king, the increasingly powerful forces. According to the new book of Tang "Nanban biography" records, the political organization of Nanzhao has been quite perfect, its cultural and artistic achievements and can even be comparable to the central plains. In the military system of armament, there are more than Sangzhi Tian, He Xi battle ", thus, the ancient martial art activities in Nanzhao have been there. The Song Dynasty, Nanzhao became a vassal China. At the time of the Yuan Dynasty, China became increasingly powerful, and Dali was destroyed by the yuan army and became the administrative region of China. Thai people will continue south to North Thailand today border land, and gradually along the Mekong River, to 1275, merged into a powerful nation, its capital Sukhothai, established the kingdom of Siam. Thai nation after the war years, the frequency around the adjacent strong infestations, therefore, all emperors advocating force, to consolidate its ruling dynasty and frequent civil war against foreign aggression. Most of the ancient Siam king to war, troops fighting the enemy, so many princes itself is a Muay Thai master. The soldiers on the battlefield when using long-range combat sword vector, close fight in boxing elbow and knee foot as an offensive weapon.

The earliest record of the Thai people learning boxing martial arts, the "northern annals" visible, this is the description of Thai nationality into the Indochina Peninsula, by the early classics Dynasty to Sukhothai city dynasty.

According to the load, the army has been fighting in the entertainment activities at the time, as the truce Hou wang. I did not become occupation competition, but the princes have nurtured Knight arena, to please the king's atmosphere. With the house and moved to boxer retired soldiers years dragon home, fighting skills gradually into folk. According to historical records contained in the early period of the dynasty, the City enacted laws, existing exemption regulations in killing opponents who fight in. To the big city Dynasty heyday (1350 AD), fighting the wind has become increasingly popular throughout the country. Thai people gradually realized that the new technique can be patriotic Ampang, so martial arts style very strong, not only the adult good Wu, and Thai children can hit kick, practicing boxing art. Boxing has become the fashion folk entertainment activities. In 1411 years, the death of the king of Chiang Mai, two Prince for the throne and finally decided to send a Each sticks to his own stand., the name of Wushi as representatives of winning the contest rules, fight to a party so far to bleed. After several hours of intense fighting, the south of Wushi because of a foot injury and bleeding, North Wushi victory. This is the first time in the history of Thailand boxing record. In 1518, the king of Siam under the command of military system reform, the "winning" of a book, including weapons, martial arts and military etc.. In the "shoot Na Li Xuan" era (1555 - 1606), was included in the Military Boxing Training course. Known as the "shoot Na Li Xuan the great black Prince", extraordinary and refined martial arts, he led the Thailand people's Liberation of Burma occupied Siam, the recovery of the big city dynasty. After the war, Li Xuan knows to shoot that regarded, there must be a brave, martial arts high-strength army, they will be included in the boxing boxing military training, called "south". "South Siam" soil punch, sinister, moves including head, biting, kicking, punching, kicking, and tripping, elbow, knee, shoulder, arm hit. Push pull, kneading, pressing, and wrestling Nothing needed is lacking. Any part of the body, available, is used to combat boxing. The ancient Thai soldiers practicing boxing, all powerful. "Tiger king" took the Buddha Zhao (1662 to 1708), the times is the heyday of Muay Thai development. The whole nation, are attracted to boxing. In the form of combat, the first boxer in strips of Damascus wrapped fists, fighting. Then use rope wrapped around the fist, the so-called "wrap Ma" fisticuffs. In the future, it is useful to wrap the fist with the cotton sliver. Sliver surface can be used mixed with stone soaked sticky Cui Qiao, and make the surface more rough and hard, greatly increased the lethality. The boxer in the fight, often beaten badly bruised from flogging face covered in blood, its shape, can not see. In the book "Kingdom of Siam" written by Simon, a special envoy sent by the French emperor in 1687, he wrote: "in the grand ceremony of the grand city Dynasty, the programs are colorful and wrestling with the warriors who fight with their elbows. A boxing match when he turns to the three or four generation of hemp rope bundle supporting palm, instead of Laos (khmer) estimated by the same style of the bronze ring in the arena." Fiber winding type spar. According to historical records, "tiger king" itself fond of martial art, and personally summarized, increasingly complex formed the basic system of boxing, Muay thai. Some of today's Muay Thai technology application still follows the "tiger" summary of the combat system. "The king of the tiger", the king of the country, often dressed up in the middle of the day, taking part in the arena match of the Buddha's grand meeting as a civilian. Against the mainland boxer, unexpectedly won two battle, won the Grand Prix after quietly left, this is a story in the history of Muay thai. According to the historical records of Burma, in the late Ayutthaya, Muay Thai thenceto Nongdong teacher, in Burma city when the army tackled captured prisoners in Burma.In 1774, the king of Burma in the capital Yangon as the Great Stupa tug with top hold ceremonies, a Thai Burmese boxer contest event arrangement. Thenceto Nongdong forced and Burma imperial warrior skills than even grams of Burma master nine people, the Burmese king with emotion: "Muay Thai artist Wu Yi extraordinary, even breaking the nine to brute courage, one to ten Mogan with the enemy, the king Gou Yong is weak, there they can avoid the pain when the state funeral." Thenceto Nongdong Megatron deeds Burma in Thailand in the history of the record, and the neighbor of Burma has detailed records of the historical records of the matter, so no doubt true. Thenceto Nongdong deeds for Muay Thai history wrote a glorious page. Always in Muay Thai Pavilion boxer thenceto Nongdong for zongzu. To this century in 50s, phichai in wa. The police will hide under the proposal, the Nongdong thenceto struck in Burma day (March 16th), as the Thailand boxer Festival, to commemorate the great national hero. This is something. The Chinese hero Zheng Zhao led a number of warships, along the Chao Phraya River and, defeated the Burmese army, the restoration of Thailand, established Thonburi Dynasty after the subjugation of the pain in mind, feel the great role of martial arts boxing, the wind is more prevalent. Wu Yi was the strong render outstanding service and be famous, There are plenty of people who are. If the city is Hao and click boxing teacher Huang Fu is a boxer with ink, which is the famous figure at that time.

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